LRD is an online marketplace portal where it simply connects people who want to rent luxury assets such as vacation homes, exotic cars, limousines, private jets and charter yachts with the direct owners of these assets. Unlike traditional luxury companies who rent these assets, Luxury Rental Directory neither owns nor maintains the assets we rent. Rather, we are just offering a reputable and secure platform to allow the direct owners and renters to connect – generating scalability, and lower pricing by cutting out the brokers and middlemen who dominate this industry. Unlike traditional outlets, LRD scales not by scaling purchased or leased inventory, but by increasing the number of owners and renters in our portal, and matching them to one another in a secure and trusted online social marketplace environment.


Signup and Reservations

Listings are free to create on LRD. Asset owners can quickly and easily set up their profile and price the asset based on their own determination. Owners can charge different prices for nightly, weekly, and monthly rentals as well as seasonal pricing. In addition, owners can display listing details including amenities, rules, imagery, and detailed information about their neighborhood. Due to the nature of the business, a merit system is in place to allow renters and owners to leave references and reviews on each other’s profile, which are displayed to the public in order to provide a transparent community, and to help determine that individual or entities’ online reputation within the portal.

Potential renters are required to message the owner directly through the LRD portal to ask questions regarding the asset. Owners have 100% control over who books their asset. When a potential renter places a reservation request, the owner has at least 24 hours to accept or decline the request and will be graded for their response time.

After the owner accepts a reservation, they can coordinate meeting times and contact information with the renter. After the reservation is complete, renters are encouraged to leave a review. Reviews help build validity and references both for the renter and asset owner.



Our marketplace portal requires both owner and renter to create online profiles within the site. Both groups have to register using several means of ID including a valid email address, telephone number and credit card, in addition to providing a scanned government issued ID. Profiles include such details as user reviews and shared social connections to build a reputation and trust amongst all users of the marketplace.

LRD also offers Regional Concierge who for a fee will visits the asset owner to take professional pictures and complete an editorial write up and review. This gives the asset owner the ability to be listed and featured as LRD Certified, as long as they pass the necessary approval requirements. The Regional Concierge will also email each renter visiting its territory to provide detailed information regarding local attractions, restaurants, FAQ’s, and things to do as well as being a point of contact, outside of the asset owner.