A vacation is a chance to retreat from the world and peacefully indulge in some solitude. If you’re looking for vacation spots where you can easily seclude yourself, but also enjoy some luxury living and good company when you need it, let us share Luxury Rental Directory’s favorite destinations for experiencing some serenity.

1. Maui, Hawaii

It’s no surprise that Maui is the preferred getaway destination for many celebrities who need a break from hectic, demanding schedules. Hawaii’s largest island has plenty of room to get away from it all. Tour the famous volcanoes of Pu’u Kukui and Haleakala, hike through the island’s national parks, visit a black sand beach or snorkel among sea turtles, dolphins and tropical fish in a coral reef—or, simply lounge by the pool of your villa and watch the sun set over the Pacific. When you’re in an outgoing mood, reserve a spot at one of the island’s many lively lu’au dinners.

2. Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh overwhelms most visitors. This thriving city in the desert, a majestic remnant of the medieval Berber Empire, is famous for its mazelike, high-walled streets and marketplaces (called souqs) that are riotous with tourists, merchants and endless rows of brightly colored jewelry, carpets and spices. Losing yourself to the rhythm of the city, however, is worth it. When you need something more toned-down, visit the city’s newer quarter, the “ville nouvelle,” for luxury shopping and dining. And when you’re ready to leave it all behind, book a desert tour by camel to see the otherworldly dunes of the Sahara.

3. Annecy, France

This alpine lake town in southeastern France is as famous for its tranquil lake, a favorite of French vacationers, as it is for the charming Vieille Ville (“Old Town”) with its cobbled streets, pastel houses and distinctly European canals. In Annecy, you can very well be left in peace, whether paddle-boating on the Lac d’Annecy as you gaze at the mountain peaks or sunning yourself on the shore, where you’ll encounter the South of France’s refreshingly relaxed attitude towards just about everything. When you need something more stimulating, cross the bridge into the Ville, where you can visit the famous Palais de l’Isle or dine on some of the region’s finest Swiss-influenced cuisine.

4. Telluride, CO

There’s no season in which you can’t discover the beauty of Colorado, and there are few better places to stay year-round than the mountain town of Telluride. This hideaway is also the perfect blend of small-town vibes with the promise of big adventures just around the corner. Seclude yourself in a classic ski or hunting lodge in the winter: from there, you can choose to cozy up and watch the snowfall or venture out for hours of skiing. During the summer, it’s hard not to be a little more extroverted: from many summer homes, it’s only a short trip to the village, which boasts gourmet dining at La Marmotte and boutique shopping. Plus, the town is home to some of the best white-water rafting around.

5. Anguilla

Turn off your cell phone. Leave your laptop at home. The Caribbean island of Anguilla just isn’t the place for the business of everyday life. Here, it’s practically required that you do little but surf in the electrical blue waves, fish off a private dock, relax in one of the island’s many spas, let the hours slowly unspool as you sip a cocktail at a beach bar and lounge on the white beach while a tropical breeze gently stirs your hair.

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